Message From Incharge

Welcome to the Office of Development which is working hard and leaves no stone unturned to provide maximum opportunities of scholarships, internships and jobs by various means, programs and events.

The role of this office is multi-pronged, i.e. deals with scholarships, internships and supporting alumni to get job. Due to these several distinct aspects it always becomes the focal point of students and alumni while joining university or after completion of degree.

Scholarships originate in a variety of forms and scopes. There are uncountable causes a student would have to apply for financial aid or receive gifted donation to continue education. The COMSATS University Islamabad, Abbottabad Campus is providing variety of scholarships to its students and further ensures to maximize such opportunities.

Scholarships offer a prospect and a silver lining for many students to get their education without any hindrances. Lacking such support from an external source, could cause distress resulting in the nonpayment for the degree they need, so that, to enter in a workforce as a contributing member.

After completing the degree, the role of internship cannot be ignored. It is very interesting that whether an internship is paid or unpaid doesn't change its worth. Internship is like an investment in future. Sometime, students are unwilling to hunt internship as they are unfamiliar with the working environment. But it is the first step to get a suitable job.

The slogan of this office is to support students/graduate inside and outside the university.