Internship Benefits

Benefits of an Internship and Real-World Experience

Participating in an internship allows you to gain a better perspective of post-graduation employment by applying the principles and theories you've developed in the classroom. This practical application creates an easier transition for you from the classroom to the working world.

Personal Development

You will further develop a personal work ethic and be able to investigate your career interests and prospective career goals. Additionally, an internship enables you to develop specific skills and knowledge related to your potential career.


An internship facilitates the development of professional contacts. These contacts may be able to help you in the future by acting as a reference for another company, or assist you in securing full-time employment within their company.


Maybe you learned that you work well with computers, or maybe you discovered a passion for product development. With the knowledge and experience you gain from your internship, you will be in a better position to make choices about your future career.