Apply by: 04-Oct-2023


The above mentioned scholarship will be subjected to the following conditions:

  • In subsequent semesters, the students must secure 4.00 GPA to maintain the award.
  • The above scholarship will not be available for any student beyond the normal duration of the program.
  • It will be awarded to students of undergraduate programs only.
  • If student fails to maintain the required GPA in the previous semester, the said scholarship will be stopped for the current semester and will be resumed on maintaining the required GPA.
  • These students will only be eligible for one scholarship at a time.
  • The student must have registered full load of semester, and have appeared in final exam.


For further information please contact 0992383596 or email at

Apply by: 02-Oct-2023

Following criteria for top 10 position holders in the board will be applicable for each program and for each discipline:

75% Tuition Fee Waiver Subject to Maintaining >=3.7 CGPA in sebsequent semesters 

Students will be eligible to apply to this scholarship after confirmation of the admission in COMSATS Abbottabad and will apply from their CU online student portals after the commercement of classes.

They have to submit the proof of their position in board duly signed by the secretary of the relevant board.

This scholarship is only applicable to BS programs.

For further information contact 0992393696 or email at


Apply by: 02-Oct-2023


Applicants belonging to the following areas:

Gilgit Baltistan and backward areas of Hazara Division (District Kala Dhaka, Battagram, Kohistan and Upper Tanawal areas) will be eligible to apply for 10 special seats where 50% Tuition Fee Waiver will be granted by COMSATS university Abbottabad Campus.


Eligibility at the time of admission:


50% marks in intermediate


Special Scholarship: 10 seats for backward area students especially students of Gilgit Baltistan and backward areas of Hazara Division (District Kala Dhaka, Battagram, Kohistan and Upper Tanawal areas) in the programs of Environmental Sciences, Geo Physics, Geology, Economics, and Development studies at CUI Abbottabad Campus

50%  Tuition fee waiver

50% marks in Intermediate

 Subject to Maintaining

> = 2.5 CGPA








This scholarship is applicable to all BS programs only (Environmental Sciences,  Geology, Economics, and Development studies).


For further inquiry please call us at 0992383596 or email at







Apply by: 02-Oct-2023

Dhamtor Scholarships:

Top five students belonging to Dhamtor including adjoining areas (Thai, Maira, Gijra, Takia and Dottar) will be given the scholarship.

50% of  Tuition fee waiver

Subject to maintaining >=2.7 CGPA






The applicant must meet following criteria to compete for the scholarship:


SSC or Equivalent :      Marks obtained 70% or above

HSSC or Equivalent:     Marks obtained 60% or above


For further information contact 0992393695 or email at

Apply by: 20-Sep-2023

Fee waiver under caterories:    

CAT-A................50% Tuition fee waiver

CAT-B................40% Tuition fee waiver

CAT-C................30% Tuition fee waiver


At the time of Admission Selection Criteria:

CAT A  ≥   90% Marks in Intermediate or Equivalent.

CAT B  ≥   85% to < 90% Marks in Intermediate or Equivalent.

CAT C  ≥   80% to < 85%Marks in Intermediate or Equivalent.

In Subsequent Semesters criteria for renewal:

CGPA > 3.9 for Cat A

CGPA > 3.85 for Cat B

CGPA > 3.8 for Cat C

  • The percentage of FA/FSc will be calculated as per the merit calculation rules of CUI where the result is awaited etc.
  • Scholarship would be awarded provisionally after the completion of admission requirements by the Incharge Student Affairs.
  • Readmitted students in 1st semester will not be eligible for the said scholarship.
  • The shining star scholarship will be merit based.