01-Jul-2022 To 20-Sep-2022

Dear All,

Scholarship for Fall 2022 intake are updated on the website.

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On 12-01-2022, Secretary, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Workers Welfare Board, (#Mian_Ainullah),  and Assistant Director (Scholarship) KP,WWB Mr. Fakhre Alam, delivered cross cheque amounting to Rs. 48,535,250/- to  M/S COMSATS University of Abbottabad to  Dr. Asim , Accounts Officer/Focal Person for KP WWB nominated by the University with Dr. Faisal Rehman Incharge of Students Affairs and Syed Fida Hussain Shah incharge office Development (Scholarship), in respect of 194 students / workers children studying in various faculties.
 It was guaranteed by the management that workers children will get top quality Education and facilities being offered by the University and appreciated the efforts made by the Secretary, KP,WWB for timely disposal of pending liabilities.
 The Secretary, KP WWB also ensured that no compromise will be accepted in delay for disposal of cases which directly effect the education of workers children studying in universities / colleges in future and he himself carry out surprise visits in all universities / colleges where these students are enrolled.

24-Jun-2021 To 15-Jul-2021



The following students who applied for Ehsaas phase 2 are selected on the scholarship:

Sr # Name of the candidate Father Name University Registration No.
1 Muhammad  Hasnain Shoukat Ali CIIT/FA20-EPE-059/ATD
2 Shehzad  Nasir Nasir Ali Khan CIIT/FA20-EPE-097/ATD
3 Atif   Raza Dildar Khan CIIT/SP20-BCS-005/ATD
5 Muhammad  Usman Sheikh Muhammad Din CIIT/FA20-BCS-044/ATD
6 Umer Sahibzada Nadeem Sahibzada Nadeem Javeed CIIT/FA20-BBA-124/ATD
7 Sana  Ullah Molana Fazal Ur Rahman CIIT/SP20-BES-010/ATD
8 Zeeshan  Ahmad Anwar Zada CIIT/FA20-BSE-016/ATD
9 Aysha  Nasir Nasir Ali CIIT/FA20-BBA-061/ATD
11 Danyal  Mansoor Jehanzeb Khan CIIT/FA20-EPE-023/ATD
12 AHMAD  ALI Khan Muzafar Khan CIIT/SP20-BSE-035/ATD
13 Zainab  Sardar Khurshid Ahmed CIIT/FA20-BBA-060/ATD
14 Waqas Kamran Marwat Abdul Rehman Kamran Marwat CIIT/FA20-BCS-157/ATD
16 Hazrat  Maghaz Abdur Rahman  CIIT/FA20-CVE-048/ATD
18 Hamad Ur Rehman Habib Ur Rehman CIIT/FA20-BSE-126/ATD
19 Anayat Rasheed Abdul Rasheed CIIT/FA20-BCS-051/ATD
20 Sooraj   Lal  Juman Lal  CIIT/FA20-BSE-004/ATD
21 Saqlain  Sajjad Sajjad Khan CIIT/FA20-PHM-083/ATD
22 Aitezaz  Hassan Safi Sher Hassan Khan CIIT/FA20-CVE-044/ATD
23 Inam ullah khan Nawaz Khan CIIT/FA20-CVE-038/ATD
24 Fazeela  Rehman Gohar Rehman CIIT/FA20-BCS-090/ATD
25 Rana Ahmed Ali Rana Zaka ullah CIIT/FA20-BCS-078/ATD
26 Ahmad  Hussain Chinar khan CIIT/FA20-CVE-043/ATD
27 Muhammad     Haseeb Muhammad waheed CIIT/FA20-BSE-138/ATD
28 Fawad  Ullah Sar Muhammad Khan CIIT/FA20-CVE-003/ATD
29 Iqra Ghulam Nabbi Ghulam Nabbi Shah CIIT/FA20-BES-008/ATD
30 Bushra  Zareen Muhammad Ashraf CIIT/FA20-BTY-047/ATD
31 Arif  Rehman Ghazi Rehman CIIT/FA20-CVE-033/ATD
32 Mohammad Yaseen Khattak Javed Khan Khattak CIIT/FA20-BBA-058/ATD
34 Sualeha   Muratib  Muratib Ali Shah  CIIT/FA20-BBA-034/ATD
35 Abadet  Naveed Muhammad Naveed CIIT/FA20-BTY-020/ATD
36 Adnan  Haider Jauhar Ali CIIT/SP20-BSE-037/ATD
37 Aqib  Hussain Ashiq Hussain CIIT/FA20-BCE-024/ATD
38 Ahmad  Suleman Arshid Tanveer CIIT/SP20-BBA-058/ATD
41 Baseer  Abbas Munib Hussain CIIT/FA20-BCE-026/ATD
42 Urooj  Khan Matti Ullah Khan CIIT/FA20-BBA-147/ATD
43 Taimour  Hanif Muhammad Hanif CIIT/FA20-BCE-006/ATD
44 Uzair   Wahid Abdul Wahid CIIT/FA20-BSE-013/ATD
45 Shameer  Mukhtar Mukhtar CIIT/SP20-BSE-076/ATD
46 Uzair  Saeed Saeed Ahmad Rana CIIT/FA20-BCS-032/ATD
47 Muneeb  Ur Rahman Fazal wahid CIIT/FA20-BCS-016/ATD
49 Awais  khan Mushtaq khan CIIT/FA20-EPE-039/ATD
50 muhammad ibrahim khan Arshad Khattak CIIT/FA20-PHM-048/ATD
51 luqman  khan Salah ud Din CIIT/SP20-BSE-007/ATD
52 Faizan  Faqir Muhammad Faqir CIIT/FA20-EPE-084/ATD
53 Salman  Khan Malik Noor Muhammad Khan CIIT/SP20-BCS-026/ATD
54 Abbas  Khan Said Rahman CIIT/FA20-EPE-042/ATD
55 MUBASHIR  Ali Wahid ali CIIT/FA20-EEE-038/ATD
56 Munawar Jamil Muhammad Jamil Minhas CIIT/SP20-BSE-056/ATD
57 Darwish  Adil Adil Khan CIIT/FA20-CVE-002/ATD
58 waqas  munir Muhammad Munir CIIT/FA20-BTY-038/ATD
59 Muhammad  Idrees  Khan Khan Muhammad  CIIT/SP20-BSE-023/ATD
60 Ifrah Sarfaraz  Khan Sarfataz khan CIIT/FA20-CVE-050/ATD
61 Rabbya  Tahir Tahir Ishaq Qureshi CIIT/FA20-BBA-006/ATD
62 Sadia  Abbas Ghulam Abbas CIIT/SP20-BBA-054/ATD
63 Ahmad  Hasan Faryad Hussain CIIT/FA20-PHM-033/ATD
64 Faryal  Shah Shah Rais Khan CIIT/FA20-BBA-097/ATD
65 Farheen  Shah Shah Rais Khan CIIT/FA20-BTY-072/ATD
66 Muqaddas  Shahzada Shahzada Khan CIIT/SP20-BTY-013/ATD
67  Irsa   Sarfaraz Muhammad Sarfaraz CIIT/FA20-BCS-011/ATD
68 Salaha  Batool Alam Muhmmad aftab alam CIIT/FA20-BCS-066/ATD
69 Shayan   Zaman  Khalid Zaman  CIIT/FA20-PHM-078/ATD
70 Eman  Khan Naveed Ahmed CIIT/FA20-PHM-055/ATD
71 Areeba   Khan Muhammad Shafique Khan Tanoli CIIT/FA20-EPE-080/ATD
72 Noor  Fatima Muhammad Javed CIIT/FA20-BBA-042/ATD
73 Aroob  Ali Muhammad Ali Khan CIIT/SP20-BDS-009/ATD
74 Hifza  Jadoon muhammad abid CIIT/FA20-BTY-065/ATD
75 rumesa  hakim Abdul hakim khan CIIT/FA20-BTY-073/ATD
76 Bushra  Muzammal Muzammal Shah CIIT/SP20-BTY-010/ATD
77 Laiba  Akbar Muhammad Akbar CIIT/FA20-PHM-018/ATD
78 Alishba  Hussain Syed Ahmad Hussain shah CIIT/FA20-BBA-141/ATD
79 Syeda Rida Zainab Kazmi Syed Iftikhar Hussain kazmi CIIT/FA20-BCS-125/ATD
80 Sarwat  Aman Aman ullah CIIT/FA20-BBA-065/ATD
81 Ruqia Ajmal Muhammad Ajmal CIIT/FA20-BTY-058/ATD
82 Amna  Zafar Zafar Iqbal CIIT/FA20-PHM-003/ATD
83 Faheem ud Darain Siraj us saqlain CIIT/FA20-BSE-090/ATD
84 Adil  Nawaz HAQ NAWAZ CIIT/FA20-EEE-064/ATD
85 Muhammad   Zamin  Muhammad Amin  CIIT/FA20-BSE-140/ATD
86 Muhammad  Naveed Muhammad javed CIIT/FA20-CVE-016/ATD
87 Ghulam  Abbas Sher wali CIIT/FA20-BSE-053/ATD
88 Muhammad Hamza khan Muhammad Humayun Khan CIIT/FA20-EEE-007/ATD
89 Farhad  Khan Ayaz Khan CIIT/FA20-CVE-047/ATD
91 Mustafa  Ijaz Mohammad Ijaz CIIT/FA20-BSE-033/ATD
92 Mehdi   Hussain Inayat Hussain CIIT/SP20-BSE-008/ATD
93 Muhammad  Uzair Fayyaz Mahmood Akhtar CIIT/FA20-BBA-083/ATD
94 Muhammad Hamza  Siddiqui Muhammad Ali Siddiqui CIIT/SP20-BCS-057/ATD
95 Mudassar    Ashraf Muhammad Ashraf CIIT/FA20-BBA-108/ATD
96 Hamdan  Baig Muhammad Salar Khan CIIT/FA20-BCS-071/ATD
97 Muhammad  Kamal Muhammad khushal CIIT/FA20-EPE-012/ATD
98 Amanat  Ullah Muhammad Masood CIIT/FA20-EPE-009/ATD
99 Muhammad  Hamza Yasir Arfat CIIT/FA20-EPE-114/ATD
100 usama khan zahid zahid akhtar CIIT/FA20-BCS-106/ATD
101 Muzammil  Tariq Muhammad Tariq CIIT/FA20-BCS-097/ATD
102 Samiullah  Aftab Muhammad Aftab CIIT/SP20-BSE-070/ATD
103 Waqas   Ahmed Noor Zahidin CIIT/FA20-BCS-118/ATD
104 Saad  Ishtiaq Ishtiaq ahmed CIIT/FA20-EPE-037/ATD
106 Ahsan   Ali Haq Nawaz CIIT/SP20-BSE-060/ATD
107 ibrahim  mir Babar CIIT/FA20-BCS-010/ATD
108 Atiq ur Rehman Khalil ur Rehman CIIT/FA20-BCS-084/ATD
109 Nauman  ahmad Muhammad Arif khan CIIT/FA20-CVE-061/ATD
110 Ikram  Amjad Amjad Mehmood CIIT/FA20-BCE-018/ATD
112 Sulaiman  Akhtar sharif khan CIIT/SP20-BSE-077/ATD
113 Haider  Ali Khan  Hashmat Ali Khan CIIT/FA20-EEE-035/ATD
114 Fahad  Farman Farman Ali CIIT/FA20-BSE-044/ATD
115 Muhammad Khuzaifa Khan Zar Khan CIIT/FA20-CVE-025/ATD
116 ijlal  khan Riaz Muhammad CIIT/FA20-EPE-065/ATD
117 Nawais  Jan Zameen Shah CIIT/SP20-BCS-039/ATD
118 Danish  Karim Karim Uddin CIIT/FA20-BSE-100/ATD
119 muhammad zalan  fazal fazal muhammad CIIT/FA20-EPE-094/ATD
120 Muhammad Asad Abdullah Muhammad Nawaz Khan CIIT/FA20-BCE-029/ATD
121 Mian Naveed Ur Rehman Mian Shams Ur Rehman CIIT/FA20-EPE-090/ATD
122 Muhammad Nawaz  khan Muhammad yaqub khan CIIT/FA20-BSE-073/ATD
123 Farid  Ullah Abdul Fariq CIIT/FA20-BES-012/ATD
124 Hasnain   Khan Islam Sher CIIT/FA20-BCE-014/ATD
125 Mudasir  Ahmed Mir Arshad Nisar Mir CIIT/FA20-EPE-055/ATD
126 Nehal Jamal Muhammad Jamal Khan CIIT/SP20-GEO-002/ATD
127 Shahab  Jadoon Rafaqat Khan CIIT/FA20-PHM-091/ATD
128 Muhammad  Talha Abid  Abid zain Qureshi CIIT/FA20-PHM-008/ATD
129 Talha   Farooq Muhammad farooq khan  CIIT/SP20-GEO-008/ATD
130 IRFAN  KHAN Banat khan CIIT/FA20-BSE-070/ATD
131 Sinnan  Tahir Tahir hameed CIIT/FA20-BCS-146/ATD
132 Muhammad Hassan Khan Sher Muhammad Khan CIIT/FA20-BCS-142/ATD
133 zeeshan  nazeer nazeer hussain  CIIT/FA20-BCS-035/ATD
134 Mr. Mohammad  Hilal Muhammad Rafiq CIIT/FA20-BCE-036/ATD
135 Muhammad Hassan Khan Younas Khan CIIT/FA20-EPE-092/ATD
136 Moiz Khan Abbasi Banaris Basheer CIIT/FA20-BCE-038/ATD
137 wajid  akbar jamil akbar CIIT/FA20-BSE-014/ATD
138 Abdullah  khan Raja Tallat Mehmood CIIT/FA20-BSE-110/ATD
139 Nouman  Khalid Khalid Mehmood CIIT/FA20-BCS-045/ATD
140 Kaleem  Ullah Kifayat Ullah Khan CIIT/FA20-EPE-040/ATD
141 Mubashir  Ali Muhammad Banaras CIIT/SP20-BBA-051/ATD
143 Aqeel Fazal Abbas CIIT/SP20-BSE-002/ATD
144 Waris Ghulam Nabi Ghulam Nabi CIIT/FA20-BCE-030/ATD
145 Sarmed  ali arif iqbal CIIT/FA20-BCS-017/ATD
146 Irfan  Karim Mir Alam CIIT/FA20-EPE-086/ATD
147 Mubashir   Ahmed Naseer Ahmed CIIT/FA20-BSE-063/ATD
148 Muneeb  Khalil Muhammad Khalil CIIT/SP20-BCS-028/ATD
149 Mr. Hamza  Fahim Hamid Fahim Hamid CIIT/FA20-BCE-048/ATD
150 Muhammad Imran Ali Raham Ali CIIT/FA20-PHM-043/ATD
151 Muhammad Abbas  Khan Amjad khan FA20-EPE-033
152 Muhammad Bin Arif Arif Khan CIIT/FA20-PHM-089/ATD
153 harwinder  singh sarbat singh CIIT/SP20-BCS-035/ATD
154 Asif   Khan Noor Ul Haq FA20-BCS-052
155 Ahmad  Raza Muhammad Yasin CIIT/FA20-BCS-009/ATD
156 Sayed Shah Mohsin Sayed Shabir Hussain CIIT/FA20-BSE-035/ATD
157 Muneeb Ur Rehman Maqsood Ur Rehman  CIIT/FA20-EPE-095/ATD
158 Ayaz  Ahmad Iqbal Shah CIIT/FA20-EPE-016/ATD
159 Abdul   Mohiz Khalid Mehmood CIIT/FA20-PHM-087/ATD
160 Hammad  khan Munir khan CIIT/FA20-EPE-017/ATD
161 Umair  Nazir Muhammad Nazir CIIT/FA20-EPE-101/ATD
163 Muhammad Usman Sajjad Muhammad Sajjad CIIT/FA20-EPE-105/ATD
164 Syed Muhammad Shaheer  Ali Shah Syed Muhammad Zubair Ali Shah CIIT/FA20-BCS-079/ATD
165 Nabeel  Javeed Muhammad Javeed CIIT/FA20-BSE-061/ATD
166 Ghayas  Asif Muhammad Asif CIIT/SP20-BCS-045/ATD
167 Musab   Kamran Kamran shahzad CIIT/FA20-BSE-082/ATD
168 Anis  Ali Shah Niaz Ali Shah CIIT/FA20-EEE-002/ATD
169 Syed Muhammad   Mujtaba SYED SAJID HUSSAIN SHAH CIIT/FA20-BBA-154/ATD
170 HAMZA  KHAN Abrar Ahmed CIIT/SP20-BBA-027/ATD
171 Muhammad   Saqib Muhammad Arif CIIT/FA20-BBA-135/ATD
172 Noman  Bacha Baghiram CIIT/FA20-CVE-036/ATD
173 Anus   Aamer Aamer Yousaf CIIT/FA20-BCE-023/ATD
174 Faizyab  Khan Safdar Hayat CIIT/FA20-CVE-008/ATD
175 Khidmat  Hussain Safdar Hussain CIIT/FA20-EEE-052/ATD
176 Shayan   Khan Arman wazir CIIT/FA20-CVE-006/ATD
177 Muneeb  Khanzada Saeed Ahmed CIIT/FA20-BCS-149/ATD
178 Huzaifa   Shad Shad Muhammad  CIIT/SP20-BSE-054/ATD
179 Ehtisham   Javed Javed Akhtar CIIT/FA20-EPE-004/ATD
180 Sahibzada Zaryab Qureshi Mian Arshad CIIT/FA20-BBA-017/ATD
181 Saad  Javaid Muhammad javaid CIIT/FA20-BSE-127/ATD
182 Ehtisham  khan Rasool khan CIIT/FA20-BSE-039/ATD
183 Zain  ul Abideen Munir Dar CIIT/FA20-BBA-088/ATD
184 Syed Mustansar Ali Shah Abrar Ali Shah CIIT/FA20-PHM-022/ATD
185 Muhammad  Ammar Adil  Adil Mustafa khan  CIIT/FA20-EPE-056/ATD
186 Hamad Zeb Aurangzeb CIIT/FA20-EEE-012/ATD
187 abdullah  Javed Javed Iqbal CIIT/FA20-BSE-052/ATD
188 Hashim ishaq  muhammad ishaq khan Muhammad ishaq khan CIIT/FA20-CVE-009/ATD
189 Muhammad Hasham  Khan Rashid Ahmad CIIT/FA20-EPE-006/ATD
190 Sudais   Khan Jamshed khan CIIT/FA20-BCE-053/ATD
1) The last date to submit your deed of agreement is Thursday, June 17, 2021. A delay from your side will delay your payment.
2) Those who require their letters to be delivered at home as they live far away, submit your requests via email to till Thursday, June 17, 2021. No requests will be entertained after this date.
3) Those who have submitted their first and second-semester fee may please apply for an extra fee refund in the student affairs department via SAPS after receiving of their stipend amounts in their banks. Their full amounts will be returned except for the security fee (Rs. 22000/-), exam, and registration fee (Rs. 9500/-)
4) All awardees will have to pay the exam, and registration fee (Rs. 9500/-) every semester. No tuition fees should be paid. Their names will never come in the fee defaulters' list. Please ignore if you receive any message from the accounts department.
5) All awardees will get a stipend amount of Rs. 40000/- every year. (3333 per month). This stipend amount will be paid to your accounts of National bank. So you all are advised to get your accounts in National bank and provide us the account numbers at

If in case, you are below 18 years (age), you are advised to open a guardian account that will be shifted to your name once you reach 18 years.


16-Jun-2021 To 21-Jun-2021

All Taleem fund applicants must check their emails for their interview date and time. For any quesries email at

26-May-2021 To 04-Jun-2021

Dear awardees of Ehsaas Phase 1,

Your second installment is in process. Keep checking your emails for updated information

21-May-2021 To 31-May-2021

Frontier Education Foundation has invited applications from Bachelors' level (two male two female) and master's level (two male two female) students (Fall 2020 and Spring 2021) belonging to KP.The last date to submit the form along with all required documents to the office of development is May 31, 2021.

26-Mar-2021 To 20-May-2021

All applicants of Taleem fund are requested to send their documents along with application via courier to

Ms. Amber Sardar

Incharge OOD,

COMSATS University,

Tobe Camp,

University Road,


25-Mar-2021 To 12-Apr-2021

Scholarships for Spring 2021 session are open to apply.

Apply through CUonline portal.

15-Mar-2021 To 27-Mar-2021

Dear all CMEEF awardees, Soon you will get your grant. Please wait for the intimation via email or call.


All applicant of Ehsaas Undergraduate program Phase II has appeared in ISAC interviews.

A list of the selected students for the scholarship will be communicated soon....


01-Jan-2021 To 30-Apr-2021


With the approval of the competent authority, Qarz-e-Hasna awardees will be given 20% remission on the total amount of Qarz-e-Hasna. This is offer is valid till April 2021.

15-Jan-2020 To 31-Dec-2020

For the facilitation of all COMSATS family (Faculty, students, staff etc), Lost and found corner is created in Office Of Development, student affairs building, CUI Abbottabad.
The basic purpose of this corner is to collect lost things that are found by anyone inside campus or to display the loss of things on the notice board as well as OOD website. The link of the website is:
This way things will be collect at a single point and after verification will be handed over to the right person.
Please submit things that you find inside the campus. 

06-Dec-2019 To 15-Jan-2020

Dear All Alumni, 

University reunion just wouldn’t happen without the work of the alumni volunteers! This year we hope to have as many alumni as possible gather for a reunion. Reunions are planned by the COMSATS Alumni association working closely with the Office of development. 

For carry out alumni reunion and other activities related to alumni of CUI, Abbottabad Campus, Please send your nominations to be part of alumni association at

Preffered batches are from 2001-2014

till date the nominatins are:

Zeeshan Nazeer                    CIIT/FA02-MIT-049/ATD

Adnan Ishaq                           CIIT/S002-MIT-037/ATD

Imran Qayyum                        CIIT/F002-MIT-018/ATD

Ubaid ALi                                CIIT/S004-MBA-004/ATD

Absaria Talhat Lodhi               CIIT/FA04-MDS-031/ATD

Saima Habib                          CIIT/FA02-BCE-026/ATD